I moved!!!

14 Jul

This site moved to: 


Visit the new site and enjoy! 


Fruity food fun

14 Jul

Ever wondered what playful food could look like?

Well, here you go.

No, I don’t think you’ll need a recipe for a banana. But you do need legos. Just remember to remove them before eating it…

Note how all these different people from all this different times life together so peacefully. Until you take away the banana!

Playful food

12 Jul

Uh. What’s that? Another food blog?

Yes, another food blog. But a fun one. And trust me – the world really needs this blog. You might wonder what kind of recipes to expect. Here you go.

  • Everything you find on here will be fun! Decoration, pics, the preparation… It will always be a playful approach
  • Everything will be vegan
  • There will be a big variety and I will also be experimenting with raw food
  • Many things will have a healthy approach! Playful and feeling guilty just don’t go together!

I also try to post some nice food photography (food porn?). Still practicing, but I hope you like it!

Have your parents ever said anything like “Don’t you play with your food!”? Forget about it. No use. It’s fun. You’ll see! And play…

This blog will become more busy in about a month. Stay tuned!